Chapter 2 - Prologue

In town

  • The party returns to town concerned that they haven’t been paid for their services yet
  • They speak with Vallick at length about the promised reward and appropriate payment for the heads that they have collected.
  • Vallick agrees to provide 150 silver pieces from the town treasury (with the approval of those remaining) as payment – the heroes receive 30 silver each.
  • Vallick agrees to return to South Reach with the heads (there are 3) and attempt to claim the bounty (60 silver) on behalf of the players. He will take 6 silver pieces as a proxy fee for this service.
  • Bjornin has decided to stay in town – he is going to rebuild the inn and run it. The remaining villagers are happy to have someone of his ‘character’ around and promis to provide him the resources he needs to set up his business. -> Harvic and Schnake discuss this with J’onn who acts as Bjornin’s intermediary. -> Harvic and Schnake provide Bjornin with 100 silver pieces in return for a 5 percent profit share in the business.

In the forest

  • Over the week of rest, further elves have become sick. Harvic has not been able to do anything about it.
  • Of the 21 elves, 10 remain. Orellis, Eshara, a family, 2 hunters (Lirresh, Malthus) and two women (Ahnaya, Lequois).
  • After long discussion, Orellis makes it clear to the party that, due to their losses, the elves do not intent to continue into the forest any longer, but that he would appreciate it if the party took this burden upon themselves.
  • THe elves wil stay at the keep and send word to other clans that they need refuge.
  • The Book of Ritual (the Artifact that the party are to search for which the elves claim will help in the coming blight) is written in Elvish. The party is concerned that they won’t be able to find the book without the elves help.
  • Although the Elves have stated that the book is in the forest and that they would be willing to provide a map, the party has decided to travel to South Reach to find the one man who may yet give them more information: Zathrian.



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