Chapter 2 - 1

On their way to south reach from the forest, the party comes across a dwarf attempting to himself to a tree. He is wild, crazy from dehydration, yelling that he is dangerous. After being soothed by harvic and healed, he tells the part that he has only recently come to the above ground and that he is lost amongst the green and sky. The party decides to take him under their wings and at least get him to travel with them to south reach.

As the group, now larger by one, come down a ridge toward the town of south reach they see a man with a horse and carriage approaching. He introduces himself as Tavis, a merchant. His goods are oddly varied, but hesels a few childrens toys (wooden crows) and some dwarves smoking weed to the group.

As Tavis packs up to continue on his way, a sword falls from a pack on the carriage seat. The party becomes suspicious and from a distance, Schanke takes a pot shot with his crossbow. He misses, Tavis turns, cuts the line between the horse and cart and rides off into the hills.

The carriage has a small chest with a note: Merry day, and a picture of a crow.

Outside south reach

When the party arrives, the town is closed under quarantine. The guards agree to get vallick to come and dsicuss entry with the party.

A small tavern tent is set up outside. It is run by a dwarf named malfus, who is a hopeless barkeep and continually deeps his beard in the ale. He offers several suggestions for getting into town and provides some general rumors (including the death of a merchant by the anti van crow).



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