Chapter 1 - Scene 22 - 24

Scene 22

  • After the shocking revelation that Harvic is a mage (and an inquisitor), the group decides to descend the stone stairs.
  • The stairs are of single-person width and have the occasional torch. At the bottom, the stairs open onto a small cavern. A puddle the width of a person with cloudy water and a stone door are here.
  • The door is of dwarven design and is broken open – an unlit passage is behind it. The passage is probably one of the deep road’s.
  • The group enters the passage and travels for half an hour. The occasional mushroom grows in the corners. Maram identifies them as deep mushrooms, but can’t remember what effect they might have. Schnake picks them for later anyway.
  • Eventually, with no sign of the passage leading anywhere soon, the group turns around.

Scene 23 – The Plan

  • After arriving back at the keep, the group prepares a daring plan to ambush the monster Mythallar when he returns.
  • They repair the trap and the door.
  • Noticing the dead skeletons, Schnake mentions that perhaps they shouldn’t let Mythallar get this far as he is likel to notice his guard are dead(er).
  • Maram offers to create some magical traps to paralyse him. She draws a circle and indecipherable symbols on the ground at the foot of the entrance stairs with white chalk – after a moment these fade into invisibility.
  • Bjornin asks if she could do the same onto his shield – she nods and after some concentration completes the spell.
  • J’onn dictates a note for the front door, which Harvic writes in Elvish: “Thanks for the chain – hope you enjoyed town.”
  • After organising the keep, Schnake, Harvic and Maram exit to the forest outside to ambush Mythallar and drive him into the keep. J’onn and Bjornin wait inside for his arrival.

Scene 24 – The Ambush

  • A short while later, several revengers and wolves come out of the mysterious pathway. There are seven revengers and two wolves. Mythallar follow closely behind.
  • As they pass, the trio (hidden up the trees) sit silently until Mythallar is close to the keep.
  • Harvic jumps down and yells at Mythallar.
  • Mythallar screams in rage and lifts his head as if sniffing the air. He growls in the direction of the keep and heads straight for the door, ordering his beasts to defend the keep. Before he enters, all three manage to clip him with ranged attacks.
  • Escaping from the revengers, Harvic backflips into a tree. While being attacked by both Schnake and Maram, the revengers manage to wrest Harvic from the tree and in a series of quick blows tear him into shreds. He lies unconscious on the ground.
  • Mythallar runs down the stairs, steps squarely on the circle of paralysis and nothing happens. He turns to J’onn, staring at his belt where the chain link is and attacks him. As his claw strikes at J’onn, a blue flame erupts from his chest and burns both Bjornin and J’onn.
  • While he is distracted, Bjornin rams Mythallar from behind, a spark comes up from the shield and he is frozen in place. The two wail on him. Eventually, J’onn lands a magnificent horizontal strike with his axe and Bjornin skewers Mythallars face on his sword; a column of blue light encircles him.
  • Above ground, the revengers all wretch, faces and mouths of light escaping their bodies. A blue column rises through the ground from below and the faces enter it and the entire column explodes in white light. Where the revengers were stand confused elves.
  • Maram runs over to Harvic and bandages him swiftly, only barely saving his life.
  • The remaining blight wolf attempt to escape from the scene, but Schnake fires several arrows into it before it gets too far.



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