Chapter 1 - Scene 18 - 21


  1. The corridor extends toward some stairs. ON the left are two doors nod on the right are two.
    • J’onn says he probably can’t fix the trap and people should just step over it; irritated, walks into one of the doors
    • After several failed attempts, Schnake stops trying to set it off with his cross-bow and Maram melts it.
    • Lots of scrap metal and glass crashes to the ground. Harvic sweeps a path through them with his mace.
    • J’onn pops his head out of the left hand side door and says “You should probably see this – there are some elves in here.”
    • THey all go in.


  1. There are several elves here behind a series of bars. An elderly elf introduces himself as Orellis, the clan lorkeeper and, as she enters Eshara’s father.
    • There are two other male elves, two female, one female in the corner and four children.
    • The chained door to the prison is locked.
    • After some discussion in elvish, Schnake interrupts and wants to know what is going on. Orellis request the party’s assistance and food
    • Schnake says “i’m sure I have a lockpick here somewhere.” When he can’t find one, Harvic whips one out and opens the lock with a clic. Schnake eyes him suspiciously.
    • The party hands out their hat’laff rations and the elves accept them gratefully.
    • Harvic goes to provide healing but can do nothing for them – they are simply dirty, tired and hungry. They need a few days to recuperate.
    • However, Lanaya, the elf in the corner has several large wounds that are coming through as grey fleshy skin and fur.
    • Orellis says “she is being transformed”. Into what? “Into a revenger.”
    • When Harvic says that nothing can be done, Orellis agrees that the best thing to do would be to kill her to spare her the pain of the transformation. The other elves leave and the deed is performed.
  1. Some discussion ensues
    • What are revengers? They are the transformed what he turned the weaker willed of my people into
    • How are they transformed?
    • Orellis says “that has a complicated answer.” He describes the history of Mythallar – Harralan was angry about the confrontation in two, he was sent to scout, didn’t return. He was possessed by a demon calling himself Mythallar. When they were kidnapped, he vowed to take revenge for them and to protect them. It is the spirit demon that can influence and transform others through this locations connection to the Fade. A lot of people died here – it’s natural that the Veil is weaker.
    • Further, Orellis describes a furious Mythallar leaving five hours ago with a force of 20 revengers. He’ll protect the elves the only way he knows how.
    • Orellis asks what the adventurer’s intend to do.
    • They ask how long ago and how far Mythallar and his friends could travel. Lirresh, a hunter, describes that the group is large and would have to take certain roads which means the travel time could be 5 hours at least (they may be arriving as we speak). He says that he could get a smaller group of the adventurers back in 1 – 2 hours and that it may not be too late.
    • The party considers the town lost and decide to remain to conduct an ambush on Mythallar.
    • Orellis says that the elves cannot move on for a few days and would request that they do not kill the revengers as they may transform back if Mythallar is killed.
    • Nobody agrees or disagrees, but they decide to leave the room and scout the rest of the complex.


  1. The party enter and search the room opposite the prison.
    • Harvic finds an old bottle of Vintever 8:88 and 3 bits.
    • Schnake finds a cheap short sword and 3 bits.
    • Maram finds 3 silver and 3 bits.
  • They descend the short stairs into the circular room.
  • In the middle of the room is a stone pedestal. It is surrounded by concentric chalk rings and a single concentric ring of silver chain with a break in it.
  • In the background hangs a tabard of a standing gryphon. It is a tabard of the grey wardens.
  • Approaching the tabard, Harvic presses his mace against the wall which seems lighter than the others. With a kA-chunk it pops back and slides into a recess, revealing a single-file spiralling staircase down into darkness. An eerie whistling comes out of it.
  • To one side of the room, Harvic find a shelf with some old, but usable, herbs on it.
  1. Everyone stands around the pedestal anxious about the spells and the symbols.
    • When prompted, Maram declares that the spell was a binding spell and that symbols are no longer dangerous to those who take appropriate care – she walks up and takes the silver chain into her backpack.
  1. The party decides to go down the staircase.
    • They file down one by one and as the Schanke at the rear enters the doorway he is pushed backward.
    • At the front of the line, Bjornin is reversing back up the staircase with his shield out. He is yelling that something is coming.
    • Maram approaches the staircase and holds her hands out in readiness.
    • A chittering noise is followed by a web shooting out of the shadows onto Bjornin’s shield.
    • Maram looses a column of flame into the stair well and several popping noises are heard.


  1. An enormous (half-human size) spider comes out of the stairwell and is followed by ten smaller spiders (head-sized). A sickly sweet smell comes up the well and Maram backs off.
    • Schnake shoots a cross-bow bolt into the large spiders torso. It’s torso is hairy and fibrous and seems to be quite thickly armoured.
    • Bjornin and J’onn are assaulted by the smaller spiders while the large spider goes for Maram who is holding the glowing blue chain link. It jumps to the ground, scuttles forward, spits a web over her and leaps on top of her, sinking her fangs into her neck. Maram takes on a greenish hue.
    • On the ground, Maram sets the webs near her hands on fire and, with a feat of unnatural strength, wrestles herself out of the web, swaying giddily as she stands.
    • The spiders shoots another web at here, which she barely manages to dodge, but it still manages to bite her again on a limb.
    • Schnake attempts to take spider by surprise, but is too loud – it turns on him. Harvic does the same. Several of the smaller spiders jump toward Harvic.
    • Surrounded the spider finds it difficult to dodge both Harvic or Schnake again as they score some significant hits.
    • Maram manages to shoot a concentrated column of flame through Schnake and the spider, destroying two of the smaller spiders in the process.
    • Finally, Harvic swings at et spider with his morningstar and missing intentionally, fires a shadowy bolt at it from his hand – it goes down. The smaller spiders rush Harvic and two sit on the larger spider’s torso.
    • Schanke plunges his sword between the smaller spiders and into the larger spider’s thorax, killing it.
  1. Harvic, assaulted by the tiny spiders that are constantly biting him, is on the brink of death.
    • Maram throws a pint of oil onto Harvic and the spiders are unable to climb back onto him for slipping.
    • He screams in rage and a blue light shines from him – the party watches as his wounds close up. Everyone is surprised -> HE IS A MAGE!
    • With the larger spider dead, the group finds it reasonably easy to clean up and kill the now scattered spiderlings.
  1. Conversation ensues
    • Harvic reveals himself as an inquisitor of sorts – a Mage of the circle undercover and hunting out apostate mages (such as Maram).
    • Schnake wants to check his credentials and Harvic encourages him to, but says that he will find nobody who can identify him as this “goes straight to the top”.
    • When asked about what he intends to do with Maram, he says that he will be turning her in at the next possible opportunity. Maram seems hurt



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