Chapter 1 - Scene 16 and 17

  • Everyone wakes up
  • Bones is nowhere to be found
    1. he comes running out of the bushes with an old sword hilt
    2. on the sword hilt is a creature that looks something like a lion (Harvic identifies it as a gryphon)
  • Bones is clearly disturbed. He runs away to the north and returns shortly afterwards, sniffing Bjornin’s pockets.
  • After finding nothing in the nearby vicinity, the group moves south
    1. As they move south, the trees become closer packed together and begin looming
    2. The group spots a few more feathers but the creatures are far enough away that they aren’t terribly concerning.
  • About half an hour south, the trees become ghostly grey and twisted.
    1. Looming above them, the trees twist upwards into a semi-circular passageway that the light seems to disappear into
    2. Their torches don’t seem to penetrate
    3. Bjornin, unafraid walks into the darkness, disappearing from sight a short way in.
      • Everyone else begins to follow
  • Several minutes of walking and bumping into each other, they spot the curtain of light that marks the end of the passage.
    1. They emerge into a natural grove. There is a cliff ridge surrounding an old keep.
    2. The group searches the ruins, finding only old rusted plate mail and other knick-knacks
    3. It is clear that there was a battle here once, as if the keep was under siege. Clearly, the attackers won
  • Bjornin kicks the front door in and a set of stairs descend into the keep.
    1. The others follow in single file
    2. As Bjornin reaches the bottom, a skeleton comes screaming out of the darkness toward him
    3. A fight ensues (there is much somersaulting – some spectacularly successful, some not so)
    4. One of the skeletons is crushed again the cieling, another clobbered by an axe and one leapt upon, it’s skull kept as a trophy and for bounty
  • After the fight, the group searches the room
    1. Harvic attempts to find something of use in the bookcase, but he finds only old books that crumble to dust when he opens them.
      • Jonn can here a muffled yelling and walks toward the doorway
        1. As he walks into the door, he feels a tug on his ankle
        2. Harvic, following him closely, bumps into his from behind and the trap is almost set off, but J’onn slips over it and pushes Harvic backward, to the ground
        3. He lowers himself and in a hoarse voice, says “Trap!”



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