Chapter 1 - Scene 14 and 15

Scene 14 – Jackals

  • the gibbering creatures advance out of the forest
  • j’onn, harvic, schnake, maram, revengers
  • eshara, maram (backing away) and schnake ready their bows/crossbow, firing into the creatures as they come out of the forest
  • they all wait for the creatures to close range
  • a bolt into a creature on the left, and arrows into the creatures
  • j’onn side cartwheel over the firepit, looses his throwing axes into the chest of one of the creatures and draws his battleaxe grinning at the creatures running toward him.
  • harvic charges a nearby revenger with his morningstar. misses.
  • schnake having dropped crossbow, takes out his bow and fires two arrows in quick succession at the approaching creatures. two collide with the chest of a creature which catches on flames.
  • as he is in the air, maram casts fire blast – gouts of fire shoot beneath him into the faces of two of the dogs. eshara gasps.
  • claws and mouths bite everywhere, the others close in. one is on the ground in agony, one is closing on schnake, another close behind. three surround harvic, one of them clawing deeply across his chest, one is standing in front of j’onn.
  • j’onn, seeing that harvic is in trouble breaks the enemies lines, cutting between
  • harvic, thankful, swings his morningstar about a bit and tries to back off.
  • schnake puts an arrow into the chest of the approaching enemy and readies his cutlass.
  • maram take another shot with her bow? eshara too.
  • revenger broken lines: one approaches eshara. one attacking j’onn and two harvic
  • eshara gets torn to pieces by a creatures that claws her to the ground, biting her face as she goes down
  • j’onn smashes a creature in the neck, and it flies past both harvic and maram, landing in a lump. another turns toward schnake.
  • harvic charges back toward eshara to help her
  • schnake stabby?
  • maram yells watch out to j’onn, extends her hand – fire streams from them burning several creatures to death. everyone notices.
  • the revengers scream, attacking who they can
  • j’onn charge and swing his axe, collecting two of the creatures in one blow, launching their now lifeless corpses across the battlefield *
  • j’onn is punching the last one to death, ripping it’s jaw apart – it transofrms under his fists.
  • as they die, the creatures transform back into dalish. eshara reaches across to touch the dalish man
  • muttering about 25sp per head lsot
  • eshara in pain, but healed from thingo. she winces, and although he bothers her she stands and walks around sobbing at the dead
  • arguing about ‘you’re a magic user’
  • lies – my master my master
  • if you don’t report yourself in, i’ll report you.
  • and bribery
  • wait where did you find that
  • you remember that house
  • you’re deceiving us, you’re keeping things from us
  • you will report to the guild when we get back.
  • eshara sobbing etc etc, finally, insists we move on, my father is not among the dead. he may be alive yet.

Scene 15 – Blood Crow Bridge

  • the group sets out, harvic forgot something.
  • eshara taking the lead, harvic and maram discuss her plight in muttered elvish
  • as the group get close the bushes have crows feathers in them; they hear screeching
  • the clearing, large tree across the canyon, eshara is striding straight toward it
  • harvic can see these large crows with slightly hooked beaks and gobbets of red. 8 of them.
  • mad dash across the bridge by schnake, j’onn and bjornin (haha, you are afraid of birds). they make is across.
  • harvic doesn’t make it on, eshara makes it half way where she is attacked by a crow. it flutters into her face and then pecks and scratches at her, holding her crouched on the trunk.
  • maram decides to abandon the troupe, turning and fleeing into the forest – harvic chases after her ; they discuss and return.
  • the crows all get closer, within swooping range
  • meanwhile, schnake accurately snipes a crow from the sky, the bolt flying through one side of the head out the other and taking it across the canyon, pinning it to the canyon – its dead eyes stare at him
  • j’onn goes back onto the bridge, throwing his axes at the creature. thwack, one falls out of the sky and two others take heavy hits.
  • harvic watches as maram fires a blast of flame and two of the birds drop into the canyon, crisp.
  • the crows attack, one swooping j’onn, diving into this neck ad piercing his vein. he feels a sipping feeling and blood doesn’t pool. the bird is no longer injured, flies happily up in front of him.
  • schnake drops another crow from the sky
  • eshara stands and readies her bowl, but j’onn pushes eshara off the and lights a torch
  • maram and harvic waits eagerly for opportunity.
  • schnake drops another crow
  • j’onn hits a crow with a burning torch, clobbering it into the ground.
  • maram runs across, but slips at the last minute, gripping the edge of the trunk.
  • harvic sprints across also, tripping, but falling onto the ground on the other side
  • schnake drops the final crow – everyone
  • j’onn hoiks maram up – they all stand around for a moment
  • an argument breaks out between harvic and j’onn about expectations and being nice to people. they become progressily more irate with each other.
  • i save them constantly, they have yet to prove their worth to me.
  • as they are about to come to blows, they go to their separate tents
  • eshara wants to go on, but is too wounded. she recommends sleeping here for the night.



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