Chapter 1 - Epilogue

  • With Mythallar and his creatures dead, the party and elves must decide what to do.
  • They don’t have a lot of food left, so J’onn and Schnake decide to go hunting.
  • They find a bear, which appropriately mauls them. They are surprised by it’s strength, but manage to kill it, taking the skin and meat.
  • Harvic and Maram are inside, talking to Orellis about what their plans are.
  • The Elves intend to take a few days more rest and then strike deeper into the forest in search of a relic: a book of the old magics that was lost when a clan was found by the Templars and murdered. The holder of the book was the clan leader Zathrian!
  • Orellis and Harvic discuss Zathrian and Orellis agrees to send a scout to South Reach to look for Zathrian while they rest for the week.
  • Orellis reveals that they believe a blight is coming
  • The elves are surprised that Schnake and J’onn were able to kill the bear, but happy to accept some of the spoils. This serves to temper the elves attitudes toward the humans.
  • Outside, around the fire, the group discusses the revelation (that harvic is a mage, or that a blight is coming?). They discuss what the plan is for their future.
  • They decide to return to town the next morning
  • A young elven woman asks Harvic to retrieve something from town – a charm bracelet that ised to belong “to my sister. It was not very valuable, but it means a lot to me.”
  • Cultural exchange (drinking) ensues
In town
  • Town is eerily quite, only the skeletons of buildings remain.
  • Two spikes in the middle of town with bodies impaled (Tarl Dale and the blacksmith) – bodies are strewn everywhere
  • Schnake takes the bodies down and begins looting. He takes Tarl Dale’s armour, but doesn’t wear it.
  • The party find an enormous chest too heavy to carry without a cart would seem to contain the Treasury funds.
  • They pile and line the bodies in preparation for burial.
  • That night, 20 horses come over the hill, followed by Dorn. They are led by a man, Commander Vallick. he is suspicious of them and has been told by Dorn that they were the adventurers who were asked to go into the forest – they must be in league with the bad guys!
  • They argue about these accusations, even when the skeleton heads are presented. The party explains about the elves in the forest – Vallick agrees to send a scout to confim the story.
  • In the morning, the guards surround J’onn (7 men) and the party is questioned about the location of Tarl Dale’s armour.
  • There was some reason for a series of duels. (I can’t remember)
  • Schnake v Jones – Schnake wins.
  • Vallick v J’onn – Vallick wins wrestling 16-13.
  • The scout returns to confirm the party’s story and they return to the forest on reasonable terms with the guard.
  • The elves tell them that the scout has returned from South Reach and that Zathrian is alive, but that he doesn’t have the book – presumably lost in the attack.



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